Week 41 & 42: No More Excuses

I have to admit I’ve fallen off the Insanity workout program. I got consumed by a project that took over a lot of my personal time, and it caused me to skip a few workouts in my 4th week of the program (now 2 weeks ago). Pretty much the only thing that was keeping me going forward with Insanity was the fact that I hadn’t skipped any workouts. My motivation came from my time investment in those insane workouts, and not wanting all that to go to waste. Well, life unfortunately got in the way and I didn’t really have a choice.

At least I didn’t have a choice that week, this past week I was just plain lazy. I am struggling to get back into the program. I hate skipping workouts, it always sets me on a bad path like this, and deflates me. I get reminded how weak I am and how easy it is to fall back into my old ways. Plus, it’s a lot more fun to be lazy. It’s so damn tempting. Maybe one of these days I’ll turn into a person that loves working out, but for now, it’s still a struggle every time to get it done.

In an effort to pick up the pieces and keep moving forward, I did one of the Insanity workouts on Sunday. It was brutal. I started out great, and was feeling quite cocky as I breezed through the first half thinking how the break I took didn’t do any damage. I was kidding myself. By the end, I was sprawled out on the floor in a sweaty mess, pushing the pause button, and wanting to cry. After that, I really don’t want to go back to it. I skipped yesterday’s routine and I’m just getting further and further away from being able to pick it back up from where I left off.

I really want to do this program and finish it before the end of the year. It’s like my white whale. This nonsense stops today. Sure, I skipped it yesterday, but that has nothing to do with today. I decided to restart it from the first week. As much as I hate the idea of prolonging the program, I think that’s the only way I can get through it. I’ll only feel a sense of accomplishment if I know I did the program as it was intended, and that does not include a two week break in the middle of it. It’s only Tuesday, I can still make the most of this week.

This is a bad time of year for my waistline, and I can’t allow myself to fall into a hole of laziness. There are so many temptations coming up – Halloween, Thanksgiving, holiday vacations, and then the actual holidays. I gained so much weight during this time last year. I need to exercise, and have a stable routine if I’m going to make it through this time without any damage to all my hard work. I know all too well that I can gain weight at the drop of a pin. Just maintaining my weight takes a lot of work, not to mention trying to actually lose it.

It’s time to get to work. Fight the lazy. No more excuses!


Week 40: Time’s Up! Well, Not Really..

This past Sunday was my “official” deadline for my 40-in-40 weeks weight loss program, and it came and went without any fan fair. I’m not throwing any parties because it’s far from over for this Plump Pixie. I think back to when I started this whole journey and came up with this time frame and weight loss goal, both arbitrary numbers in reality, but I recall thinking it was such a long time. Time really flies when you’re having all this fun.

I thought it was more than enough time to lose 40 pounds, and figuredĀ  I would have ended up losing more weight because it was such a long span of time. Geez, I couldn’t have been more wrong. I know I could have lost all the weight if I had taken more drastic measures, such as deprivation through some strict novelty diet program. But, I stuck to my guns, and continue to stick to them in my strong belief that weight needs to come off using methods that you can continue to uphold forever. For me, that’s a pretty simple method – a healthy diet, portion control, and exercise. Everything in moderation. If I want a cupcake at a party, I’m going to eat it. No extremes for me anymore.

The weight is coming off, just very slowly. That’s fine by me, I have time. My total for the 40 weeks came in at 24 pounds. I lost 23 of those in the first half of my program. The last 20 weeks have been a struggle to find a new balance, but I feel I am on a good track. In the last 2 weeks, I’ve lost 4 pounds with my new Insanity workouts, and I’m hoping that number continues to rise. I feel much stronger. For now, things are going well.

More importantly, these 40 weeks have reshaped my whole attitude about health and wellness. In the past I was always looking for a quick fix, and truly believed it was just a matter of weight. If I could lose it and see a low number staring back at me on the scale, then everything else would be fine. That somehow, if I got to a certain number, I’d magically turn into a different person. I’m not completely of a different mindset now – that stupid number on the scale still means a great deal to me, but I understand there’s a lot more to it. Just losing the weight isn’t enough anymore, I need to fill the void that was previously filled with being lazy, eating and drinking.

It takes a long time to completely change your life, especially to reshape it to one that you can live with forever and be happy. So, I am still going to work at it, and continue to blog week to week. I know the right mix exists for a new life formula, and I will find it.

I have yet to earn my wings, but I’ll get there!