BodyShred Wrap Up

It is done. I completed Jillian Michael’s 8 week BodyShred DVD program. I’m an average, not-too-fit person and I can say now from my experience that it can be done at my level. I modified moves throughout the whole program, but I kept moving the entire time and here are the final results over the 8 weeks:

Pounds lost: 8 (I lost 1 lb per week)

Inches lost:

Waist: -2″

Hips: -2″

Chest: -2″

Thighs: -1.5″

Arms: 0″

Neck: 0″

I am not an expert at any of this kind of stuff, so honestly, I don’t know if these results are good or not. I watch these fitness infomercials in the morning on occasion (and get really sucked into them!) and I see people talking about losing “35 inches across my body” or “6 dress sizes” in 90 days or 8 weeks from doing the latest fad fitness program, and I just can’t believe it. You’ll see in tiny print on the screen that “results are not typical,” so I guess that my results fall into the “typical” category. I never skipped a workout over the 8 weeks, and one some days I also ran in addition to BodyShred. I ate very healthy, although I don’t follow a specific eating plan, but I watch my portions and calories, as well as what I eat very carefully. I rarely ever splurge on food.

I celebrate any improvement, so I am happy with my “typical” results. I am disappointed with my arms though, they are my problem area. I just don’t know how to get rid of these fat areas dangling from my arms! I have done extra arms exercises, but apparently they aren’t working. I know my upper body is stronger, but they look the same and the tape measure doesn’t lie. Maybe things will get better on this next round of exercise.

For my next phase, I have started Insanity, the original program. I am halfway through the first week, and it’s been easier than the first time I attempted to do this program, but still tough. Shaun T (trainer) goes extremely fast, and it’s hard to keep up, but it’s doable. I still have to modify some moves, such as push-ups on my knees but I’m really going to push hard throughout this program and see if I can do everything the hard way by the end. This is going to be 9 weeks of hell.

So, my total to date since I started this 40lbs-in-40 weeks blog comes to 28 pounds! I may not have made the 40 weeks by a long shot, and I still have a way to go, but this year has been a turning point. I finally believe I’ve found a sustainable way of living, which is way more important than losing weight in a specific time period.

Exercise has become a routine over the last three months.  It’s still a chore, but not one I consider to be optional. I finally took a step back and looked at where I was failing each time I tried to get healthier. My new success lies in working out first thing in the morning, before anything else, and getting it out of the way and off my list. That small change in my lifestyle has made all the difference. I’ve never been able to do this in the past, but now I can’t ever imagine going back to end of day workouts. I still run 1-3 times a week after my work day, but that’s like a bonus. I run if I want to, and if I don’t then that’s just fine because I already got my morning workout completed.

I continue to lose a little each week, and I know I’m on a great track to the finish line. It just takes time for us “typical” people.


BodyShred: Final Stretch

This week I started the final level of Jillian Michael’s BodyShred (Zenith & Apex), and I can almost see the finish line. I am on the 7th week, and half way through already, so just a week and a half left until I take my measurements! I have not missed a workout throughout this whole program. I’ve lost 1 pound per week doing BodyShred so far, so I’m 6 pounds lighter than I was when I started, and my pants are getting loose.

This level is extremely challenging, and there are barely any moves I can do without modifying, and even so I still find them difficult. Some of the moves I even find comical. Jillian takes some of the exercises from the previous levels and takes them up a few notches. For example, in weeks 3-4, I was having a ridiculous time doing the rock n’ roll squats, and in this new level you are suppose to do them on one leg. Well, that isn’t even close to happening, but I do find that I have an easier time doing the standard rock n’ roll squats.  They are still quite challenging for me, but I don’t feel quite as pathetic as I did back in week 3. It’s progress and you can feel how moves are becoming more doable! That makes me happy.

I can feel my core is getting stronger and that I have lost inches. I fit into some of my older pairs of pants. I will say that I don’t see much progress in my upper body. I am curious to see what the tape measure says next weekend, but I’m not expecting  much in the arm and bust area. I can pretty much tell from the fit of my bras and shirts. It’s a big problem area for me, and very frustrating. I feel not matter how much weight I lose, as a busty person with chunky arms, I still look beefy. I’ve lost 26 pounds total and hardly anyone has made a comment. Not that I care what other people think, but hearing about how I look different is a nice treat.

Next weekend I will move onto Insanity and I am hoping that will help with my upper body. I need to lose fat, and there’s a lot more cardio in Insanity. I am very nervous about completing the program. When I attempted Insanity the first time, I quit at the 4th week. It is a big time commitment –  the daily routines are almost an hour each, and the workouts are exactly as advertised, insane. I dreaded doing them everyday, and one day I just stopped and couldn’t bring myself to do them again. Right now I am really used to the BodyShred 35 minutes a day routines, they are very doable and the short time commitment leaves me with no excuse. I’m a little tempted to just restart BodyShred from the beginning instead of Insanity, but I really want to get through Insanity at least once in my life. I bought it years ago and it wasn’t cheap. I am hoping BodyShred has prepared me to be able to complete it this time. I want to at least get through it and get my money’s worth before I put it away and never look at it again! It’s a moral imperative.

I have been running as well, but definitely not as much as I should be. I have two 5K races in May and one of them is in less than 3 weeks. I didn’t run at all last week, so I need to step it up. The weather has just been lousy, not that I should use that as an excuse, but all I want to do at the end of the day is curl up in my pjs instead of going out and getting sweaty in the cold, rainy weather. But I need to suck it up, I need all the practice I can get and the extra cardio won’t hurt either.

I don’t have much else to report. Things are going pretty well. I am happy with the results I am seeing for the most part, and I am going to keep plugging away. Stay tuned in a week and a half for my final BodyShred results!