Week 1 Insanity

I finished the first week of Insanity and I’m halfway through the second week at this point, and it’s been a strange time. It’s a hard program because Shaun T and the crew on the DVDs move so quickly. On one hand, it’s difficult to keep up with them, but on the other, it feels as if I’m not working as hard as I was in BodyShred. Sunday (my official weigh-in day) was the first time in over 8 weeks that I had not lost weight. I even weighed myself after finishing a 5K race earlier that morning. The scale was stuck and there was no convincing it to move.

I keep telling myself that I went from the 8th and hardest week of BodyShred to starting a new program at the “easiest” week, so obviously I am not working out at the same level. After Sunday I considered ditching Insanity and restarting BodyShred, but I figured it wouldn’t help since I’d still be restarting at the first and least intense week of the program.Β  I also think it is good to switch it up and keep things interesting with a new program and trainer. But, I really want to continue to lose weight at my previous 1 lb per week pace. I don’t think that is a lofty goal, but I am not sure what to do about it. I unofficially weigh myself almost daily, and the scale still hasn’t budged, so Sunday was not a fluke. In fact, this morning I was up a pound. Not that I count that, I only go by my Sunday weight as I know it can fluctuate mid-week, but it helps to give me a slight outlook of the future and if I want to lose weight, I need to step it up.

I will admit that last week, aside from my 5K race on Sunday morning, I did not do my extra runs during the week. In all honesty, I just plain didn’t feel like it. I was lazy, and paid the price. I had a lot of work last week and used that as my excuse. I kept telling myself that I had completed my morning workout, so it was ok to relax. It was a stupid move since I had that race on Sunday and it would have been beneficial to limber up with a couple of easy going runs during the week. In addition, since I was starting a new workout program at level 1, it would have been great to get in some extra cardio and burn some more calories. I guess just writing this I am realizing why I didn’t lose any weight last week.

I finished pretty average in the 5k race – 33.37 minutes. That’s a good time for me at this fitness level, but I know I could have done better if I had run more during the previous weeks.Β  I have another 5K race in 3 weeks, and I’d like to shave a minute or 2 off that time. As an overall goal, I’d like to see my 5K time fall under 30 minutes at some point and then maybe progress to doing longer distances.

I really try to not to compare myself to other people, but I always feel so slow and gross out there on the course with all these people whizzing by me. Women young and old fly by with their cute bouncy pony tails. By the time I’m done, I’m a sweaty mess with a matted down pony tail that I can literally ring out. Over the last 10 years I have run quite a bit, and trained for and completed several half marathons. When do I earn my bouncy pony tail? It’s not like I’m running all that fast, and I’m always a sweaty disaster! My friends tell me that after a race they go out to breakfast, and I can’t fathom sitting in a restaurant post-run. I’m not a pretty sight when I finish a race at any distance, and all I want is a towel and a shower. Don’t even get me started on the race photos, there’s one I keep printed out as motivation to lose weight. Most of the time, they are horrifying. Oh well, everyone is different, and at least I’m out there and doing it.

Maybe one day I will have a race photo that I look at and feel proud, but I know that is both a mental and physical goal. I’ll get thereΒ  – hard work and patience with a side of self esteem. A tall order, but I like to dream big.


4 thoughts on “Week 1 Insanity

  1. EVERY race photo should be one you are proud of! It means you completed the race! Who gives a hoot what you look like crossing that finish line?! The most important thing is that you did! You set a goal (to run the race) and you achieved it. To me, that is a WIN! Being a hot sweaty mess is a beautiful thing! Why? Because it means you WORKED IT! I walk my dogs daily and come home a hot, sweaty mess. Sloppy bun with hairs flying all over the place. Previous day’s mascara making me look like a raccoon. The only one who cares is me. The only one who cares how you look is you.

    You are beautiful! You are strong! Be proud of your accomplishments!



    • Thank you πŸ™‚
      I don’t know why I care, I just get jealous about people going much faster than me and still managing to look cute and dry at the same time!

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      • LOL I get it! You are definitely not alone in the jealousy department! I suffer from it quite frequently at just about everything! 😊



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