BodyShred Round Two!

I just got back from two weeks in Hawaii, and it was amazing! It felt a little too good to be a lazy slob for those weeks, but I jumped right back into my routine, and I hope it sticks. I weighed myself yesterday, and I did gain four pounds in that timeframe, but it was so worth it! My husband only gained one measly little pound, and I am really jealous. I will never understand the male metabolism!

I’m hoping that it’s mostly water retention, but time will tell. I started my second round of Jillian Michael’s BodyShred yesterday, and woke up early this morning to get my workout in first thing, so I’m off to a good start. Lots more work to do in terms of getting in shape, finishing up losing this weight, and sticking to my healthy living.

Since this is my second round of BodyShred, I decided to extend the time of some of the phases to be able to work my way up to doing the advanced moves without modifying as much. Each phase is usually 2 weeks, but I am going to just do Phase 1 for 2 weeks, and then Phases 2-4 I will extend to three weeks. After I started Phase 1, it seemed doable enough for me to be able to complete the moves without modifying within the 2 week timeframe. I could almost do the full version of all the moves right out of the gate. I remember my first time doing this program, and thinking how hard the beginning workouts were to get through, so it’s great progress that I am finding them a lot less challenging!

Although, I don’t think BodyShred offers enough cardio to continue losing my goal of 1lb per week, especially after finishing such a cardio-centric program like Insanity. The cardio sections of Bodyshred almost felt like taking breaks in the workout. I am sure once I get more into it that I will feel different, but I plan to run at least twice a week to get in some additional cardio and burn more calories. The problem is that it’s so hot outside right now, but I have to remember that I used to run in the Florida summer heat, so I need to suck it up. I’ve gotten accustomed to the weather in New England, so much that 80 degrees these days seems like sweltering heat.  But, in order to motivate myself to run, I am signing up for another 5K in September.

With this plan, I will be done with BodyShred in 11 weeks, which will take me to October. After that, I plan to do this older program that I never opened, the Power 90 Master Series with Tony Horton. Tony Horton is probably my favorite trainer, and I received this program about ten years ago, back when I was really into the basic P90 program. I don’t think Beachbody even sells the Master Series anymore because everything is all about “P90X” these days, but this program was designed as a middle ground between P90 and P90X. I would love to do P90X someday but I don’t have a good doorway for a pull-up bar in my house, and from what I’ve read that’s a big part of the program and there’s no substitution. This Master Series program does not have pull-ups, so that works way better for me. In addition, I hate owning a workout program that I never opened, so even though this workout series might be a little dated, I am doing it anyway!

The plan doing of Bodyshred and the P90 Master Series will take me to Christmas, and then it will be time to buy something new! I am open to suggestions if anyone has thoughts on a good at-home DVD program to try – I’m currently looking at T25, Pound, Body Beast, TurboFire, and maybe even Cize (although I don’t know about that one..dancing?). I want something that’s full body, around 35-45 minutes a day, and will kick my butt. I’m hoping by the time I get to Christmas  I will be in more of a weight maintenance and toning phase, so I need something that will help sculpt, while keeping my weight in check.

I’m happy I made it through vacation with a minimal weight gain, and I feel I am over the worst temptations of the year. The next challenge will come around Halloween, when we starting getting into the holiday season. That’s a problem time of year for most people, but I have more confidence this time around, knowing I’ve come this far without slipping into my old bad habits. I’m so ahead of where I was this time last year, I look back at myself and I hope to never see that person again.

These days I take each day as it comes, and I strive to do my best. Time to shred it up!


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