About Me

I’m 40 and in the worst shape of my life. I no longer want to be. That’s the short version.

I came up with the name ‘Plump Pixie’ for a silly reason. I have a friend that mentioned she is throwing a Halloween party in 2015. I always wanted to be Tinkerbell for Halloween, but right now there’s just no way – she doesn’t wear much! Especially in the upper body region, and I barely feel comfortable in short sleeves. I thought to myself that Halloween was almost 10 months away and I could look and feel decent by then if I really applied myself. I thought, 40 lbs in 40 weeks – I can do that! I guess we will see.

Whether she throws the party or not, or I ever end up being Tinkerbell for Halloween isn’t really relevant, but it would be nice to know that I could wear a costume like that and feel comfortable. I want to earn those wings. Right now, I’m just a Plump Pixie.

October 2015 Update:  I’ve reached my 40 week deadline, and I have lost 24 pounds, so the journey continues! Also, my friend is not having the Halloween party this month after all, but the dream lives on to someday dress as Tinkerbell for Halloween.

Maybe 2016 will be my year!


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